'Thank you' to Adult Social Care commissioning teams

April 14, 2020
'Thank you' to Adult Social Care commissioning teams


We understand that adult social care commisioners are concentrating on the task of dealing with the impact of Covid-19.  

The national focus rightly rests on the amazing job that those in the NHS are doing during this state of national emergency.

Whilst this is appropriate, it is all too easy to let the efforts of others go unnoticed.

With that in mind our team wants to extend our appreciation to the dedicated team of professionals who are keeping the wheels of adult social care turning at easily the most challenging time in modern history.  

We have in fact, been deeply concerned for those vulnerable adults residing in both shared supported accommodation and in care homes, as they are undoubtedly more exposed to the possibility of contracting Covid-19.

We are fully aware that adult social care teams are stretched to the limit and working flat out to look after the most vulnerable in society. We also recognise that executive officers are working in close partnership with dedicated and passionate local members and the wider community at this extraordinary time.

Therefore, it is big thank you from us.

Supporting you

As HBV navigates its own way through the crisis, we have been determined to ensure that our specialist supported living development programme can carry on seamlessly where it left off.

In preparation, we have now bolstered our capability to deliver new schemes for what we recognise may be even greater demand from commissioning teams for new-build supported living and extra care developments.

On April 2nd, 2020, our Joint Venture partner, Morgan Sindall Group, undertook an inter-group transfer of its shares - out of Morgan Sindall Investments Limited and into the ownership of Lovell.  

This is very positive news for us at HBV – and potentially welcome news for officers charged with delivering more supported living accommodation.

As a nationwide contractor of social housing and an organisation which have already successfully delivered a number of HBV schemes, Lovell is well capitalised, vastly experienced and is able to fund and deliver any and all new supported living developments in our existing pipeline and beyond.

We are confident that our development programme can support local authorities in their challenge to provide ever greater levels of appropriate housing for vulnerable adults than may currently be found in shared or sheltered accommodation.

Although we are still in lockdown, if there is anything we can assist you with at this time – please do not hesitate to contact Alastair Sheehan directly on 07954 172 165 or email alastair@hbvillages.co.uk



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