Coronavirus: an update for our staff, delivery partners and tenants.

March 23, 2020
Coronavirus: an update for our staff, delivery partners and tenants.

With the concerns surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak we wish to emphasise our commitment to supporting all our staff and all our delivery partners at this unprecedented time.

In particular, we are mindful of the extraordinary circumstances our care providers, adult social care teams and Registered Providers find themselves in. 

We are proud of the way all our care partners continue to place the welfare of tenants as their first priority and we support them all in their extraordinary efforts to protect tenants and safeguard their health and wellbeing. 

With more than 1,200 people living in our developments across the country - and many more being built - we are conscious that our response to the coronavirus crisis impacts many families.

With this in mind, we want to reassure you that HBV remains fully operational and will stand by you and your organisation during this time. 


  • We are following all appropriate UK Government guidance to ensure the wellbeing of our employees, their families and our delivery partners.
  • We have robust contingency plans in place to ensure that our work can continue with minimal disruption. Our plans will ensure the continuity, integrity and level of service that we provide to help our delivery partners meet their objectives and priorities during this time.
  • As part of our business continuity plan all our team have laptops and are now operating remotely from our head office.  All members of our team can be  contacted via email or phone in the normal way.
  • We operate in a paperless environment and so all our key documentation is held electronically and can be accessed remotely and securely.
  • We are still currently operating physical site visits but if you would like to use other methods of communication during this time then we have video and/or telephone conferencing services available.

HBV will stand by your organisation during this challenging time. By working together in partnership during this extraordinary time, we will all come through this together. 

Thank you, 

The HBV team. 


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