HBVillages Sunderland Topping Out Ceremony and Feature in Sunderland Echo

January 28, 2016
HBVillages Sunderland Topping Out Ceremony and Feature in Sunderland Echo

HB Villages was proud to undertake a topping out ceremony on their latest site on the Kings Road in Sunderland. Present were the head of commissioning and his team, representatives from inclusion housing and Lifeways. The scheme is for 12 apartments for vulnerable adults with learning disabilities, together with three blocks of four bungalows, set out in a courtyard fashion. The bungalows are designed for people with either behaviours that challenge or those with physical disabilities and was the subject of considerable interest from the mayor and his wife, who presided over the topping out ceremony.


McGoff and Byrne, the contractors, helped direct the new HB Villages banner and rather than attempt to place a tile in the roof, the team decided that a special cake, cut with a specially engraved presentation trowel would be much more appropriate.


Once the ceremony was over, the well attended topping out ceremony was concluded with food and refreshments at Sunderland football club.


This is the first of what the mayor and commissioners suggest could be a number of supported living schemes and the team looks forward to the opening ceremony, whereupon all attendees at the topping out ceremony will be invited once again, as well as any tenants and their family members who wish to take part in the event.


HBVillages Article in Sunderland Echo


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