HB Villages team become heroes for the day

November 20, 2015
HB Villages team become heroes for the day

Our heroic team turned back the clocks to become their childhood heroes to raise money for Children in Need.

The team not only spent the day in the office dressed as their heroes, some brave people were spotted venturing out in Altrincham in full costume.

So far, we've raised more than £1,200 with donations still rolling in.

Managing director Jonny Wrigley was cracking the whip as swashbuckling archaeologist Indiana Jones, while Neil MacKrell added his own brand of menace to Dennis.
Alastair Sheehan made everyone's day with his uncanny resemblance to Clint Eastwood's man with no name while Beverley Graham proved she never gets any older as Peter Pan, the boy who can fly.

Other notable mentions go to our very own Prince Charming Sean Finlay, who stood and delivered Adam Ant and Steve Jordan was ready to save Altrincham as Batman.

Andrew Hepburn and Danny Bowers got their knees out as Eric Cantona and David Hasselhoff respectively, and Ailsa was spinning around as Kylie.

Anyone who has seen Oliver Carroll when he's angry will recognise the Incredible Hulk and Emma Molyneux purred as Simba the lion.

Finally, Daniel Keane showed his sharp intellect, quick thinking and all-round good nature as Tintin and Howard Graham did it his way, as the legend that is Elvis Presley.

Thank you to everyone who sponsored us for this great cause


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