Margaret Wright has been the primary carer for her autistic son Danny, 27, for many years.

After Danny graduated from college, he was determined to live independently from his family and moved into shared accommodation. This arrangement didn’t suit Danny’s needs and he had to move back home with his parents.

Danny found this situation frustrating, as a young twenty something he wanted to find somewhere which he could call his own home, but also needed to have the confidence that there was support at hand.

All Danny has ever wanted was his own home. He wanted independence and found living with us frustrating and stressful. Over the next few years he became withdrawn and distant.

We investigated a range of living options for Danny, we even considered buying two houses beside each other so we could live in one and Danny could live in the other. Then North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group contacted us about the plans for Ropewalk Gardens and it sounded ideal.

Danny has been involved in every stage of the project, from helping dig the first hole on the site, to fitting out and decorating his own flat. Everything is red – red leather sofa, red curtains, red chairs and Danny loves it.

Since moving into his apartment at Ropewalk Gardens, Danny has flourished. We’ve got our son back and it’s been wonderful.

Having his own place has given Danny the confidence to achieve new goals and live the life he’s always wanted. He’s really surprised us; he’s taken everything into his stride and shown skills we never knew he had. He’s a fantastic cook and his apartment is always spotless.

Danny now has the self-assurance to do things by himself which he would never have done before. He’s started socialising and even goes to the local disco twice a week. He’s also started travelling on his own on the local supported transport service.

Danny now has the opportunity to have his own space but with the support he needs because he could never do it on his own.



It’s not just Danny who has benefited from Ropewalk Gardens, his family has, too. Margaret is now planning to return to work after giving up her job as a medical secretary to care for Danny.

Margaret and her husband have also been able to carry out needed renovation works on their home and the couple are planning their first holiday in couple of years, safe in the knowledge that Danny is settled and supported to cope while they are away.

Danny has also grown closer to his sisters and regularly has them over to visit his apartment.


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