Specialist Supported Living and Extra Care - Briefing Paper 2017

February 17, 2017
Specialist Supported Living and Extra Care - Briefing Paper 2017

We’re delighted to have produced a special briefing paper which describes the importance of the specialist supported living sector.

We’ve closely examined a wide range of issues affecting the sector and outlined our position on the future prospects for specialist supported living – and extra care. 

As well as the opportunities and challenges facing the market, we’ve looking in detail at the demographics, financial issues. We’ve also drawn some key conclusions which we hope the entire marketplace and supply chain will find of value.

We’d like to thank Matt Bokowski (Social Care Strategies) who researched and wrote this briefing paper as well as Jeremy Porteus (Housing LIN) who kindly supplied a forward.

If you have an interest in seeing the specialist supported living sector thrive, we think you’ll find this briefing paper of great interest.

You can download the complete paper here


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